Image Impact International volunteers make an impact for first-generation college students.  Here’s how.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in first-generation students’ lives through my work with Image Impact.”
- Julia Doyle, Newsletter Editor


“I am happy to volunteer at III because it matters to me the footprint I leave behind.  I will give because others have given so much of themselves and it feels right to do the same.”
- Shelly Evans, Mentoring Leaders 4 Impact Chair


“I have never been more excited about the energy generated by Image Impact International. Giving to Image Impact International plays a role in expanding the impact of III’s programs for first-generation college students, individuals living with disabilities, and supporting civility in our world.”
- Susie Schainost, VP Education


“I am thankful for the great talent and expertise that I have been working with and will keep on giving more of my time to work with this incredible team to make an impact for college students all over the world.” #makeanimpact
- Siham Halawani, Branding Team

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