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Our Commitment to Continuing Education Excellence

Image Impact International is committed to achieving accreditation through the International Association of Continuing Education and Training  We recognize as the gold standard for continuing education unit (CEU) training. IACET CEUs are offered by leading higher learning institutions, associations, corporations, and many organizations around the world.  We are a data-driven and results-oriented Non-profit organization. We consistently use data to improve our programs. We define clear learning outcomes, metrics and results.

Mentoring Leaders 4 Impact

Provides first-generation college students with access to our diverse community of mentors and industry professionals. Through mentoring and practical experience in leadership, communication, and professional skills, students gain the support they need to thrive in college and the workplace. This career advancement program features networking opportunities, guest speakers, and a powerful podcast series.

College 2 Career 2 Community Impact

Enhances the leadership, communication, and professional skills of first-generation college students seeking internships and employment. This college to career bridge program eliminates disadvantages, such as being under-prepared for internships and entry-level jobs. It shortens the duration of job searches and maximizes the hiring potential of participants. Tailored classroom training incorporates the top competencies employers are seeking in today’s competitive workplace. We offer budget challenged career services departments with training solutions that make a measurable impact.

Civility 4 Impact  

Promotes a cross-cultural exchange of ideas and dialogue to advance civility on campuses today. Creates strong partnerships with Career Services staff to support civility activities for first-generation college students. Annual events include Global Civility Awareness Month each May and a recognition program.

Disability 4 Impact  

Addresses the needs of students with disabilities who are enrolling in higher numbers in college than ever before. Continuing Education and Disability Services programs on campuses can enhance their reputation for inclusiveness by showcasing this groundbreaking diversity program. Disability 4 Impact aims to reduce prejudice and discrimination often experienced by people living with disabilities, especially on campuses and in the workplace. Topics in this five part S.T.Y.L.E. series include See the Real Me, Transform from Invisible to Invincible, Your Communication Style, Leaders for Tomorrow, and Empower Your Brand.

Training 4 Impact

Strengthens the ability to confidently train others. Develop and deliver programs or presentations to adult learners and diverse audiences with ease. Gain practical skills and training competencies to enhance your resume and career advancement. Find solutions to your training challenges. Get real life experience beyond course work and beginner’s programs. Our smaller course size allows for customization based on your audience’s needs. Receive personal coaching from four professional trainers in this popular two day intensive continuing education course.

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To find out more about our Non-profit educational programs, contact VP Education Susie Schainost at [email protected].   For details about our Continuing Education offerings, contact VP Certification Priscilena Shearon at [email protected].